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Fear the Walking Dead Review

Fear the walking dead


Fear the Walking Dead can simply be defined as one of the most popular American TV shows in 2015. It is a creation of Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman and was premiered on AMC on the month of August. It can also be considered as a prequel and a companion series to the popular TV series The Walking Dead. The series pilot of Fear the Walking Dead was approved by AMC on March with a two season commitment. The first season came along with 6 episodes and it is being telecasted at the moment. The second series will consist of 15 episodes and you will be able to witness it during the next year.

The storyline

All the episodes in the first series are set in Los Angeles, California. The entire story is based on a dysfunctional family with a high school guidance counselor named Madison Clark. She has an overachieving daughter named Alicia and a son named Nick who is addicted to drugs. The boyfriend of Madison Clark is an English teacher named Travis Manawa. A zombie apocalypse takes place in the set and these four characters will have to cling to their deep flaws or revamp themselves. The entire storyline is impressive and this fact has played a major role behind the popularity of this television series.

The cast

Fear the Walking Dead cast consists of four main characters. They include:

  • Kim Dickens as Madison Clark.
  • Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa.
  • Frank Dillane as Nick.
  • Alycia Debnam as Alycia.

In addition to these four characters, Mercedes Mason and Elizabeth Rodriguez were named as series regulars, but their specific roles are still unknown.

fear the walking dead episode S01E04 - Ofelia

Ofelia Salazar plays a major role behind this television series. She is the main character of the entire television series. In the TV series, Ofelia Salazar is being described as a girl who was born in United Stated to Salvadoran parents. She is a beautiful, independent, professional, strong and fierce lady. She is over-protected by her parents, but she doesn’t seem to have any issue with it.

During the post zombie apocalypse, Ofelia Salazar emerges from her room that is located in Los Angeles. This happens after Liza Oritz, Christopher Manawa and Travis Manawa are admitted refuge. She doesn’t have any idea at all about what’s happening and it is her father who explains the entire scenario. Ofelia Salazar remains calm after hearing all the stories about riots taking place outside the home. Then she invites all the refugees to the waiting area of her barbershop to rest. The entire story has a nice flow and Ofelia Salazar plays a major role throughout.


Fear the Walking Dead television series has received excellent ratings from people who live in every corner of the world. It has reached over 10.1 million viewers within United States and most of them belong to 18-49 category. The second series is expected to be more interesting than this one and it will become a popular hit as well.



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