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Season 2 Yacht Journey

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Dave Erickson told us what to expect when things pick up, and he dropped intel about Strand’s “badass yacht” and the “seabound refugees” that will be awaiting our heroes in season 2. But what about show co-creator (and overall Walking Dead guru) Robert Kirkman? We tracked down Kirkman to see what he had to say about what’s coming up next, and he wanted to assuage fans’ concerns about a possibly zombie-free season 2 out at sea. 

“Fear is going to be a journey show the way early seasons of The Walking Dead were a journey, Always trying to differentiate the two shows as much as possible, being on the water is vastly different than being on the land. Anybody who’s concerned about there being not enough zombies because they’re on the water – because I’ve seen some people concerned about that – shouldn’t have any worries there. There’s definitely going to be a lot of intense action and a lot of awesome boat stuff. Despite the fact that zombies can’t walk on water and can’t swim, there will be plenty of zombies to be had.”


Ever since the first Walking Dead show debuted, many have wondered why the group did not try to escape out on the water, and Kirkman says that season 2 of Fear should answer that question pretty definitively. “When you see Fear the Walking Dead you’ll probably stop asking why they didn’t just go to the water. You’ll start asking, why won’t they leave the water? Very dangerous. You’ll see. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming. “

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